event Start date: 28 August, 2023
place Location: Gränna
access_time Length: 38 weeks
rotate_right Application period: 2 December, 2022 to 2 May, 2023


This program develops the ability to present and discuss information accurately and clearly in English, adapting to purpose, recipient, and situation. Students will develop critical and analytical thinking while learning how to adapt language to the academic field. This program offers a combination of elective courses that allow students to have a head start on their future degree choice.

Pathway Year General allows students to improve their English language, subject knowledge, and study skills. It will also help you learn about life in Scandinavia and how you can make the most of your time here. It prepares students for university study, both academically and socially.


Pathway Year General is ideal for students with a higher English proficiency (IELTS at entry*: IELTS 5.5) who still need to meet specific entry requirements to be eligible for their follow-up program.These requirements can vary from English proficiency level, Mathematics requirement or the completion of 1 year of university studies.

Upon completion of the programme you will have recieved:

  • direct entry to a degree programme at Jönköping University
  • the English language preparation in reading, writing, listening and speaking necessary for enrollment in degree programmes at Jönköping University
  • acclimatization to Swedish culture making it easier to live and study in Sweden
  • support in adjusting to the demands, challenges and expectations of Swedish higher education
  • basic knowledge in the Swedish Language

In addition at the end of the pathway programme, you will receive a certificate of completion demonstrating skills equivalent to the Swedish high school course English 6. This is the most common English language level required for entering higher education in Sweden. You can read more about corresponding levels in other countries here.

The education is conducted at: Jönköping University Enterprise
verified_user Requirements: High School Diploma, IELTS 5.5 (no sect. below 5.0), TOEFL 72/17 or equivalent. Read more.
event Start date: 28 August, 2023
place Location: Gränna
data_usage Fees: SEK 215,000 including tuition and boarding fees. Read more about programme fees here.
language Language: English
access_time Length: 38 weeks
rotate_right Application period: 2 December, 2022 to 2 May, 2023

How to apply

To learn more about our requirements and how to apply click here.


Read more about programme fees here


Course Structure

The first semester of Pathway Year General offers the possibility of enhancing your writing style and cohesiveness, participating in group discussions and presentations, analyzing academic reading and critical thinking, and understanding academic referencing and research ethics.

In the first semester, students will study two core courses and can choose one of the elective course options.

During the second semester, students will choose 3 courses from a range of elective courses that can be used on their bachelor and master programmes.

Programme Content

Elective courses

Elective block 1: Students have the option to study either Pathway Swedish 1, Pathway Mathematics 1 or Pathway BIM 1 in Semester 1.

Elective block 2: The elective courses in Semester 2 may have certain prerequisites. Available courses for selection in Semester 2 are Pathway Swedish 1 and 2, Academic English, Pathway Mathematics 1, Pathway BIM 2, Culture and Society in the English Language, Gender Geographies, Pathway Study Skills Intercultural competence and Advanced Literacies.

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