Myriam Aries

Professor Lighting Science
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Avdelningen för byggnadsteknik och belysningsvetenskap , Tekniska Högskolan i Jönköping AB


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Myriam Aries is a Professor of Lighting Science at the School of Engineering of Jönköping University (JU) in Sweden. Her expertise lies mainly in the field of dynamic (day)light application, health, visual comfort, well-being and human performance in the built environment. Her research efforts in Lighting Science focus on the interaction between humans and the application/integration of smart (day)light in diverse architectural environments. It includes the understanding and impact of dynamic, smart light products and environments on human work and sleep performance as well as the spill-over effects from one environment to another.

Myriam holds an MSc in Building Technology from Delft University of Technology and a PhD in Building Physics/Lighting from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). After an MSc project regarding visual comfort, Myriam has expanded her knowledge of human lighting demands and health requirements in office buildings during her PhD-research. During a two-year post-doctoral fellowship, she continued her work with light and health within the lighting group of National Research Council Canada. She worked on (statistical) models explaining the relationship between the physical aspects of the (work) environment and human factors in lighting. At TNO Built Environment and Geosciences, her work had focused predominantly on practical and socially relevant (health) assessment research and tools. From 2010 until 2020, Myriam worked as an Assistant Professor of Lighting Technology at the TU/e) in Eindhoven. There, she expanded her expertise in the field of daylight application, visual comfort, and human light and health demands.

Since July 2016, Myriam is a Full Professor in Lighting Science in Sweden where she is building a group for research and education studying the comfortable, (energy-)efficient, and functional interaction of (day)light within and between architectural environments. In the School of Engineering’s Lighting Design education, Myriam is the course coordinator for the courses ‘Light for Health and Well-being’ as well as for ‘Lighting Science’. Additionally, she is a board member of Photonics Sweden, a member of the Journal of Sustainable Design & Applied Research (SDAR) advisory board as well as an associated editor for Lighting Research & Technology journal.


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