Rahel Kebede

Doctoral Student


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Rahel is a doctoral student at the department of Construction Engineering and Lighting Science. Her research focuses on modeling information exchanges between the building and manufacturing industries using the semantic web and linked data technologies. She takes part in teaching advanced building information delivery systems for BIM-based construction projects.

Conference paper

Xue, R., Moscati, A., Kebede, R., Johansson, P. (2021). Information Exchange Process Analysis between Authoring Design Tools and Lighting Simulation Tools. ICCIBIM 2021: International Conference on Construction Informatics and Building Information Modeling, Singapore, July 5-6, 2021. More information
Kebede, R., Moscati, A., Johansson, P. (2020). Semantic web for information exchange between the building and manufacturing industries: a literature review. 37th International Conference of CIB W78, Sao Paulo - online, Brazil, 18-20 August. More information

Other publications

Kebede, R., Moscati, A., Tan, H., Johansson, P. . Integration of Manufacturers’ Product Data in BIM Platforms using the Semantic Web technologies and Visual Programming Languages. More information

Licentiate thesis

Kebede, R. (2022). Integration of building product data with BIM – Semantic representation of product data (Licentiate thesis, Jönköping: Jönköping University, School of Engineering). More information