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Macroeconomic Principles 7,5 hp

Undervisningen bedrivs på engelska.

In the Macroeconomic Principles course, the aggregate economy and its development are studied. The analysis of the interaction between macroeconomic variables such as growth, inflation, and unemployment are integral elements. Possibilities and difficulties to manage the economy with the aid of economic policy as well as how the open economy is affected by international developments are also central to this part of the course.


The course aims at studying the workings of an aggregate economy including the behavior of the economy given both the long-run, and short-run fluctuations in economic conditions, and which counter measures that should be implemented in economic down- or upturns. Integral parts of the course are to retrieve knowledge and understanding of various economic measurements, components of aggregate spending and the two markets which the economy comprise of: the market for goods and services and the market for money.
Examples of important elements of the course are:
  • Macroeconomic indicators such as gross domestic product, CPI, inflation and unemployment rate measures.
  • Determinants of economic growth in the long-run.
  • The financial system and the allocation of saving.
  • Components of aggregate spending: consumption, investments, government expenditure and net exports
  • The effect of a change in aggregate spending on the equilibrium output.
  • Decisions about government spending, discretionary fiscal policy and the workings of automatic stabilizers.
  • The role of the central bank and the effectiveness of monetary policy
  • Effects of macroeconomic policies on price level.
  • The role of the exchange rate on trade and its implication on macroeconomic policies.


Grundläggande behörighet samt Engelska B, Matematik C, Samhällskunskap A. Eller: Matematik 3b/3c, Samhällskunskap 1b/1a1+1a2. med lägst betyget Godkänd/E. Dispens medges från kravet i Svenska.


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