CeFEO Practitioners' Network

The CeFEO Practitioners’ Network is a membership-based online platform where family business consultants, advisors, and coaches with a particular interest toward the Scandinavian context can gather, share ideas, and receive feedback.

The participation to the network is free of charge but all participants are committed with active participation and leading seminars on rotation. The network gathers in monthly seminars where the members from the network together with CEFEO participants engage in fruitful conversations.

In the CeFEO Practitioners’ Network, the participants openly share knowledge and practices for advancing family business enterprising and ownership in a conversation with the academic members of CeFEO. The network provides social and learning opportunities for the development of family business practices and ideas for relevant research challenges and questions, generated through the discussions in the network.

Members of the CeFEO Practitioners' Network




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Joining the network

Are you a family business consultant, advisor, or coach with a particular interest toward the Scandinavian context interested in gather, share ideas, and receive feedback.

Would you like to know more about the CeFEO Practitioners' Network? Are you interested in joining the network?

Please get in touch with the coordinator of the network, Carla Goncalves Machado to discuss about it!

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