Societal engagement has been an important pillar of CeFEO since its inception, as illustrated by our overall mission to combine academic excellence with practical relevance. The strive for practical relevance is seen not only in our collaborations and activities with partners outside academia but also in our approach to research. Viewing practitioners and policymakers as partners and collaborators, it is through co-production of knowledge that CeFEO achieves its mission.

CeFEO members are connected to society through keynote speeches at high impact conferences for practitioners and policymakers, consulting assignments and applied research projects. Examples of companies with which CeFEO has an ongoing relationship include (in alphabetical order):

  • AB Arlemark, Jönköping
  • BIM Kemi AB, Stenkullen
  • Fjällräven AB, Örnsköldsvik
  • Hans:K, Skene
  • Hestra-Handsken AB, Hestra
  • Hästens Sängar, Köping
  • Karl Andersson och Söner AB, Huskvarna
  • Kron International AB, Vinslöv
  • Mårdskog & Lindkvist AB, Jönköping
  • Nordströms Trä, Stockholm
  • North Castle AB, Tenhult
  • Oatly AB, Malmo
  • Stolab AB, Smålandstenar
  • Tapflo AB, Kungälv
  • Väderstad-Verken AB, Väderstad

For more information and for exploring opportunities for collaborating, please contact the CeFEO Outreach Champion Joaquin Cestino.