Welcome to the Cast Iron and Ferrous Alloys Research Group at Jönköping University.

Our research interest is focused on lamellar, compacted, and nodular cast iron produced in both sand and permanent moulds. Within this research group there are included topics like:

- Phenomenon connected to the casting production process, such the mould and core making, liquid metallurgy, melt treatment, mould filling, interaction between the moulding material – mould atmosphere – molten metal, nucleation and inoculation, solidification and crystal growth, volume change, inter-dendritic flow and defect formation mechanisms are included in the research area.

- Study of morphology formation and its relation to final thermal and mechanical properties.

- Connection between the observed phenomenon and the thermal processes.

- Prediction of the casting properties in the production process.

- The determination of the thermo-physical and thermo-mechanical properties as input for casting simulation.