Mathematics and Physics

The department conducts research in applied mathematics and technical physics.

Department of Mathematics, Physics and Chemical Engineering

In mathematics, and physics, the following research is done at the School of Engineering.

Stochastic models for population dynamics

Branching processes are a class of stochastic models that are based on reproduction and behavior at the individual level, from which conclusions are drawn about the population as a whole. Ongoing research projects address (1) accumulation of mutations in shrinking populations, (2) dynamics of prions (potentially pathogenic proteins), (3) persistence (a non-hereditary transient condition) to antibiotics in bacteria.

For information, contact Peter Olofsson (1,2 och 3) eller Arpan Ghosh (2).

Modelling blood flow through elastic blood vessels

Development and analysis of a mathematical model of blood circulation within blood vessels in the human vascular system. Asymptotic methods are used to derive one-dimensional models of arteries that takes into account the information about its complicated geometry and elastic properties. The model equations which consist of coupled systems of partial differential equations, are studied and used for simulations.

For information, contact kontakta: Arpan Ghosh

Mathematical modeling and numerical methods for acoustics and electro-dynamics

In cooperation with ICMM, the International Center for Mathematical Modeling, at Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden, research is done regarding development of mathematical models and numerical methods for acoustics and electro-dynamics. In particular, numerical methods for conformal mappings are developed.

For information, contact Anders Andersson or Thomas Biro.

Approximate Approximations

Approximation with non-local base functions, algorithms for multiresolution decomposition, semi-analytic methods for calculations of non-homogeneous linear partial differential equation potentials.

For information, contact Tjavdar Ivanov.

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