Designing new products. And putting them into practice.

Research and second- and third-cycle courses and study programmes are developed within the research profile "Industrial product realisation in cooperation, especially applications for small and medium-sized enterprises".

The main focus of research is on the development and manufacturing of physical products with accessory services; it comprises the whole chain from idea to finished product.

Industrial Product Realisation

This focus of great national and international importance was chosen on the grounds that small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises and service companies linked to them, account for a large part of innovations and industrial product realisation in our country and, accordingly, economic growth. Half of the processing in manufacturing industry is estimated to be done in companies with fewer than 200 employees. Since companies in this category only to a small extent have been in contact with scientific research, we see a very large industrial growth potential in providing these companies with access to pioneering research.

This research orientation is especially appropriate in our region, since this region has the largest number of employees in small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in the country. Research in industrial product realisation is, to a large extent, made easier by the close association with regional industry which the School of Engineering has developed through the extensive host company programme in engineering courses.

Research has an important contribution to make in a concentrated effort to be instrumental in a typical industrial context. Apart from fundamental demands for originality and solidity in research we attach the greatest importance to business relevance and applicability. Our ambition to contribute particularly to the development of small and medium-sized companies involves especially planning for research projects to successively deliver effective results and to be of practical use in relatively short time. Research at the School of Engineering should consequently bear the stamp of integration and integrality.

Study programmes

School of Engineering have the degree awarding powers in three third-cycle subject areas: Production systems, Machine design and Materials and manufacturing processes. Research education within other third-cycle subject areas is carried out in close collaboration with other universities that have the entitlements.