A glorious glimpse into the middle of Sweden

Welcome drink at Mariedal

To start the social activities of JOWO'22, we gather at the 1850s villa Mariedal perfectly located on the lakeside of Munksjön. Since its restoration, the villa has functioned as the conference venue at Jönköping University. Here we will enjoy a glass of bubble and a classic Swedish mystery treat.

Half-day along the Vättern coast

Röttle by - time travel through history

As we take the bus to Gyllene Uttern, we take a detour to pass by Röttle village founded as early as 1279. Famous for its several century old mills, the village offers a trip through history. With its Falu-copper red coloured houses with white corners, the village gives a picture-perfect image of the classic Swedish village.

Here we will visit a waterfall and take a short stroll around in Västanå nature reserve.

Hike through the Swedish landscape

Those who want a Swedish nature experience, can join a 1-hour hike from Röttle by to Gränna. The hike goes in the forest alongside Vättern in fairly easy terrain.

For those who rather chill and relax, the bus will take the participants to Gränna where you can start to discover the city.

Gränna - The no:1 candy city in Sweden

Growing up in Sweden, few kids do not know about Gränna. It is the place where all of Sweden's "polkagrisar" are made. Founded in 1652 by count Brahe, the city's main street is lined with old wooden buildings and candy making factory after candy making factory. Located on the Vättern hills, the city overlooks Vättern and at the horizon one can scout Visingsö - the largest island in the lake.

In Gränna we pop into the many candy factories to see how they twist and turn the sugarpaste into caramells and lollipops. Don't miss the opportunity to buy one of the most prototypical Swedish souvenirs - polkagrisar!

We also recommend a visit to Grenna Museum which, among others, tells the tale of Andréexpeditionen: a1897s North Pole expedition done by hot air balloon! The museum is open until 17.00. Entry is 70Skr.

The city offers a perfect place to take a break from your hike, discuss the scientific content of JOWO and to relax a moment.

After the sugar rush settles, we take the bus back to Gyllene Uttern for the conference dinner!

Conference dinner

JOWO's conference dinner will take place at Gyllene Uttern (see below). Built in the early 1930 to resemble a medival castle, it is one of Sweden's oldest country hotels. As the building is located on the hills overlooking the lake Vättern, the restaurant at Gyllene Uttern is provided with some of the most spectacular views in the area.

Here we will enjoy a traditionally Swedish dinner set in between medival armors while overlooking the sun as it sets over Vättern.

More information to come.

Gyllene Uttern

BBQ on the beach

Perhaps unexpected to some, Jönköping is blessed with one of Sweden's most beautiful beaches. Right in the middle of the city, a golden sand beach stretches the southern point of the large lake Vättern offering a beautiful retreat from the city's hussle.

If the weather allows, our vision is to offer a casual beach-hangout where we will be grilling hot-dogs (vegan and vegetarian alternatives will be offered). As Sweden has an alcohol ban in public places, we will offer a humble selection of soft-drinks and encourage those who desire to bring something a bit more powerful themselves (google: "Systembolaget"). (The police rarely stops individual drinking in moderation.)

The brave can consider bringing bathing clothes, but know that Vättern is not only one of the most beautiful lakes in Sweden, but also the coldest. We also recommend that everyone brings a sweater as the area can get very windy and can get cold as the sun sets.

We meet at Västa Vätterstranden, at the circle. Arrows mark the paths over the railway.