Conferred PhDs 2016

21 May 2016

School of Health and Welfare

Inger Ahlstrand, Health and Care Sciences
Ulrika Börjesson, Welfare and Social Sciences
Laura Darcy, Health and Care Sciences
Eva-Lena Einberg, Health and Care Sciences
Karin Högberg, Nursing Science
Christina Karlsson, Health and Care Sciences
Katarina Karlsson, Nursing Science
Lina Magnusson, Health and Care Sciences
Agneta Stenebrand, Health and Care Sciences
Håkan Nilsson, Welfare and Social Sciences
Anette Peterson, Quality Improvement and Leadership in Health and Welfare
Inger Wieslander, Health and Care Sciences

School of Education and Communication

Ingela Bergmo Prvulovic, Education
Martin Danielsson, Media and Communication
Rebecka Florin Sädbom, Education
Joel Hedegaard, Education
Sara Hvit Lindstrand, Education
Pernilla Mårtensson, Education

Jönköping International Business School

Naveed Akhter, Business Administration
Huriye Aygören, Business Administration
Hamid Jafari, Business Administration
Hélène Laurell, Business Administration
Maria Jose Parada Belderrama, Business Administration
Duncan S. Levinsohn, Business Administration
Zehra Sayed, Business Administration
Peter Warda, Economics
Jan Weiss, Economics

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