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Living with a long term condition that begins at birth involves so many unplanned needs. It invites a diverse set of resources to help. Putting them all together to support the flourishing of a person involves building and integrating new knowledge. If a condition is present from birth, everything changes as the child grows and develops. Cristin’s experience helping her son, Gabriel, invites us to understand the journey


Cristin Lind

Project Manager, European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI) Sweden, Swedish Disability Rights Federation and Facilitator-in-Preparation, Center for Courage and Renewal

Supplementary materials


Cristin Lind, Care Mapping,

Antonelli RC, & Lind C. Care Mapping: A How-To Guide for Professionals

Antonelli, Richard C., and Cristin Lind. Care Mapping: A How-To Guide for Patients and Families