Co-production with industrial partners and other actors in society is the key to our research and education activities. A collaboration with SPARK can take various forms - research collaborations, student projects and degree projects are some examples.

Participate in Research Projects

SPARK includes research in several different areas, such as logistics, IT, foundry and orthopedic technology. In each project, our researchers work with a number of external partners. The research content and scope are based on the needs of the companies (or other organissations) involved in the project.

We are always interested in finding new and fruitful collaborations in the field of knowledge intensive product realisation.

Work with our Students

SPARK is not just about research, but also about developing the competence that Swedish manufacturing companies need to succeed in the future. This means two things: co-development of new education programs with industry, and collaboration between companies and students at different levels.

There are several ways to work with our students at the School of Engineering. Through internships, student projects and student thesis work. Companies get an opportunity to get in touch with our students and thus find their future employees. The students can contribute with new innovative ideas and contribute with current knowledge, and at the same time as they get the opportunity to practise their skills in the business world.

Different ways to collaborate. What suits you?

We have 7 themes, 30 offers and endless possibilities with a focus on collaboration. Your need is in the center.

7 themes:

  • Competence Support
  • Competence Development
  • Inspiration
  • Network
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Internationalisation
  • Communication

Are you interested in a unique collaboration customised to the needs of your business?