Strong companies that are highly expert in research and development are a natural part of the development of our study courses and programmes and of the region’s trade and industry. We have a history of working closely and long-term with our strategic partner companies. These collaborations have given us good understanding of what will be required of tomorrow’s business operations. In turn, this knowledge is used to create benefit in all SPARK projects.

Other than our Strategic Partners we have 400+ Industrial partners in our projects. 

Our Strategic Partners

Porträttfoto av Ulrika

“The research is valuable and SPARK gives us a unique opportunity to collaborate with other companies on a platform that we couldn’t run alone.”

Ulrika Tjärnén,
Head of HR and HR Manager, Avionics Systems




Saab AB Logotyp
Roger Blezel

“We are proud to be a strategic partner. It gives us the chance to actively profile our company to motivated students who are aiming at future opportunities in the global vehicle industry.”

Roger Blezell,
Site Manager



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“Change is a constant in the automotive industry. Via the business-centred collaboration in SPARK, we can maintain our cutting-edge position thanks to access to research and the right type of expertise.”

Ahmad Mansouri​,
Senior Engineering Manager
P&C Driveline, Powertrain & Chassis


logotyp kongsbergs
Andreas Rangert VP Product Management & Development, Husqvarna

“We see several benefits in SPARK: increased expertise in the region; a chance to show Husqvarna off to researchers and students; and, access to new knowledge through the projects in which we participate.”

Andreas Rangert,
Product Management and Product Development Manager


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Porträttfoto av Emma Hallman

"Together with the other strategic partners we get the possibility to co-operate and identify areas where we can do things better together. With SPARK we gather input and receive help and support on how we should manage the development of our company."

Emma Hallman,
Industrialisation Manager



Fagerhult logotyp
Andreas Rangert VP Product Management & Development, Husqvarna

”Our companies face a situation where you have to strengthen your product- and process development. SPARK’s research environment offers solutions to these challenges and therefore it was a natural step for us to start collaborating. As Strategic Partner Träcentrum acts as an important bridge between the academy and the industry.”

Joakim Brobäck

Träcentrum logotyp
Portrait of Lars-Uno

”We can contribute to Jönköping University with our close contacts with business in the GGVV-region. It is important to listen to the needs of GGVV-companies and to recognise the advantages of lifelong learning and business-related research. For us, it is important to acknowledge this, so that we can help the companies to be more efficient through research. It could be about minimising production costs achieving cutting-edge positions."

Lars-Uno Åkesson,
Competence Academic Manager


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"Det finns en konstant inom bilindustrin och det är förändring. Genom det näringslivsnära samarbetet i SPARK kan vi fortsätta att ligga i framkant genom tillgäng till forskning samt rätt typ av kompetens." 

Ahmad Mansouri
Engineering Director Sweden
Kongsberg Automotive

"Det är viktigt att regionen ständigt utvecklas och att kompetensen ökar över tid. För oss är det därför viktigt att vara med och bidra till att Jönköping med omnejd fortsätter öka i attraktionsvärde när det kommer till att studera, arbeta och bo i regionen. Vi ser samverkan med JTH som en viktig del för att uppnå detta och behålla Husqvarna Groups globala konkurrenskraft".

Andreas Rangert
VP Product Management & Development, Husqvarna