Product design

The research area mainly deals with two directions. Research for design and research through design.

The research manages the whole of product development with focus on the parts where the design of the product influences the process, focusing on the outermost interface of the product, the surface, in the interaction with the user of the product.

The area for design, focuses on quality assuring of the shape of the surface, which is crucial for how well the design intention is reached and perceived by the end user. The research focuses on different methods of measuring the surface condition and quality assurance of it throughout the product development process. With a unique combination of advanced technical measurement methods and instruments, and affective measurement methods, the surface can be quality assured and verified.

The approach through design, handles methods for finding unique innovative solutions to a product's design to meet functional and aesthetic customer and user requirements, as well as being able to manufacture in an industrially sustainable way taking into account the manufacturing company's opportunities and objectives.

Both approaches use methods to investigate and implement affective values ​​in product development processes.

The research is conducted in collaboration with manufacturing Companies and a Research group consisting of various competencies in the field. The research is facilitated and debated in various forums within companies, advanced metrology forums and conferences , as well as forums and conferences for affective product development.

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