Announcing Arrival

When it is time for you to announce your arrival you will be able to choose a date and time at one of our meeting points.

How and when do I register my arrival?

You register your arrival by logging on to your accommodation application and announcing your arrival. This service will be available from December 1-15. For the Accommodation Office to be able to provide the best service possible, please note, that announcing your arrival in other ways (e.g. sending an email) is not valid.

Do I always have to announce my arrival?

Yes, even if you choose not to use the pick-up service or arrive on another date outside of the pick-up weekend, you must still log on to the Accommodation and Arrival registration page and announce your arrival in order to complete your housing application and to be guaranteed accommodation.

What happens when I arrive?

If you have applied for the pick-up service on time, a driver will meet you at the meeting point at the designated time. The driver will take you to Jönköping University where you will receive information about your accommodation and sign your contract. You will receive the key to your apartment/room and then be taken to your new accommodation.

Signing rental agreements

During our pick-up service weekends there are a lot of students arriving at the same time and this can sometimes lead to long waiting hours. In order to minimize the waiting time, the staff of the Accommodation Office need to work quickly and effectively. This means that they might not have time to explain everything regarding the contract in detail.  The contract is signed for one semester at a time. Autumn semester contracts are signed from August 1- December 31 and Spring semester contracts are signed from January 1- June 30. If you are staying for more than one semester you will be offered a new contract for the upcoming semester.

All arriving students will sign their rental agreements at the University, even if the University is not the landlord. This is a service provided to the landlords that the University cooperates with.

If you arrive in Jönköping during the pick-up service and have applied for the pick-up service on time, a driver will meet you at the meeting point you have chosen at the designated time.

What happens I if miss my designated time at the meeting point?

During the pick-up weekend staff from the Accommodation Office  are making regular rounds to all meeting points. Hence, if you miss your registered pick-up time, just wait at the meeting point and you will picked up with the next round. If you arrive after the last pick-up time you need to find a housing for the night and come and see us the next day. Read more about hostels and hotelsexternal link, opens in new window.

Please note during rush hour,  the pick-up times might not be exact, just wait at the meeting point and staff will pickup you up as soon as possible.

What happens if I arrive outside of the pick-up service?

If you arrive on another date or choose not utilise the pick-up service, you are responsible for getting to the University on your own. Note, that no accommodation is provided before the pick-up service during Fall semester or before January 1, during Spring semester. You can get the key to your apartment/room at the Accommodation Office during designated office hours. The office is located on the ground floor in building A (the white building) on Campus. Map of Campus

If you arrive afteoffice hours on a weekday or during the weekend (other than the pick-up weekend), you will have to stay in a hostel or hotelexternal link, opens in new window until the following weekday.

If you have any further questions please contact:

Pick-up Service

Jönköping University offers a pick-up service to international students. To make use of this service, it is necessary that you apply for accommodation correctly through Jönköping University and that you confirm your arrival date before December 15 , 2020.

The pick-up service for Bachelor,Master and Exchange students, Spring semester 2022 operates:

  1. TBD
  2. TBD
  3. TBD
  4. TBD

Pathway Programme Students

  • Please note that Pathway students have different pick- up dates. For information about the pick-up service for Pathway Students, click here.

The pick-up service has three meeting points:

  1. Jönköping Airport (Axamo)
  2. Jönköping Railway/Bus Station (Resecentrum)
  3. University Campus

Meeting points

Important to Note

  1. Due to the arrival of hundreds of students during the pick-up weekend, we are unfortunately not able to pick you up at any other places but the designated meeting points. Hence, should you arrive to different airport/railway/bus stop you need to get to one of the listed meeting points by yourself. 
  2. To provide the best possible service for the new arriving students, the pick-up service is available foremost for the students. Family members and friends can only make use of the service if space is available.

How to get to Jönköping

Jönköping is strategically located in southern Sweden and is easy accessible by plane, bus, train or car. Jönköping Airport has direct connections with Stockholm, Sweden (Arlanda Airport), and Frankfurt, Germany.  Bus connections provide fast access to Jönköping from Gothenburg's Landvetter airport (125 km), and from Stockholm (360 km), and Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport (325 km), bus and rail services are available.

By Air

Jönköping Airportexternal link, opens in new window has direct flights to and from Stockholm, Sweden (Arlanda Airport) as well as Frankfurt, Germany. The airport is located 13 km from the city centre. If you arrive at the airport during the pick-up weekend, you will be able to utilise our pick-up service. If you arrive at a different time, you can take a taxi, which will cost approximately 250-300 SEK to the university, or the bus from the airportexternal link, opens in new window to city centre.

In Gothenburg, you'll find an international airport: Landvetter Airportexternal link, opens in new window.  Many students choose to fly to this airport (since it is the closest major airport to Jönköping) and take a bus to Jönköping centre (approx. 1hr. 30 min).                    

By Bus

If you want to get to Jönköping by bus, Flixbus (also formerly Swebus) has direct connections with several cities. For more detailed information, see the route mapexternal link, opens in new window. If you travel to Jönköping with Flixbus, the bus will stop at Jönköping Resecentrum, where the university has a pick-up service. Resecentrum is located in the centre of Jönköping and is just a short walk from the university. 

By Train

You can also get to Jönköping by train. The railway station is located next to the bus station (Resecentrum) where the university has a pick-up service. For detailed information and routes please visit Note: there is no train service from Gothenburg's airport to Jönköping, only bus service is available.

Bus/Train Discounts

A discount applies for students holding a valid student card, CSN card, Mecenat card or SJ's student discount card. The same discounts apply to international students possessing a valid ISIC card. These reduced-rate tickets can only be purchased once you have the relevant card(s). You will receive more information about this when you arrive.

By Taxi

The following telephone numbers are for taxi services available in Jönköping:
Taxikurir: +46 (0)36 12 12 12
Taxi Jönköping: +46 (0)36 34 40 00
SverigeTaxi: +46 (0)36 31 31 31