In all the housing alternatives offered to international students, a bed (size 90 x 210 cm), a duvet, a pillow, a wardrobe, and access to a laundry room and kitchen (including fridge), are provided.

A one time cost of 300 SEK is added on the first rent in most accommodations for the provision of a duvet and a pillow. 

Electricity and water are always included in the rent. Most accommodation alternatives have kitchen equipment either provided by the landlord or by previous students who have moved and left some of their belongings. Please note that not all accommodations are provided with kitchen equipment. If you need more than is provided you can find cheap alternatives at the department store, IKEA, in Jönköping.



Many landlords offer parking for a fee if students want to bring their own car. Please note that the parking spaces are unmanned and that the owner of the car (not the landlord) is responsible if something happens.

What is not included?

Bed sheet and towels are not included. Hence, all students must bring their own. Sheets must be used in the bed.

There is no cleaning service included in any of the housing options, students are responsible for the cleaning of their room and the common areas in the accommodation. A cleaning schedule is provided for each house, except if you live in an apartment.

None of the accommodations provides meals or have a restaurant. The student must cook all meals by themselves, therefore it is recommendable that the student learns basic cooking skills for their time abroad.