It is a big decision to study abroad and it is only natural that students and parents want to be as well informed as possible before making the decision. On this page we have gathered information that might be useful for parents and prospective students. Welcome to Jönköping University, Sweden!


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Josipa Morén, Operations Manager and Head of Education

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Why Jönköping University?

Jönköping University is one of the most international universities in Sweden. We attract students from all over the world with committed teachers and study programmes that connect research to industry- with many opportunities to practice what you learn. We offer an international study environment that is fun and inspiring, and an entrepreneurial way of looking at the world.

Why Sweden?

Sweden is a safe and modern country. The crime rate is low and there is very little risk of natural disasters. Swedes are open and have a multicultural frame of mind. For instance, most Swedes have a good understanding of the English language. Half of Sweden's surface area is covered in forests while lakes and rivers account for 10 percent. Swedes are environmentally conscious and our air and water is clean.

Practical Information

Before students arrive in Sweden, it is important that they have adequate insurance coverage.

All students are covered by a personal injury insurance for students (FAS). This supplementary insurance applies only to tuition-fee-paying students, is valid for as long the student is studying at Jönköping University and includes:

  • Full coverage of medical costs in the event of medical emergency. No limitation in amount.
  • Coverage up to SEK 3,000 for emergency dental treatment per year.
  • Full coverage of costs for medical evacuation or repatriation of remains. No limitation in amount.
  • Liability coverage up to 3 million SEK.

The insurance applies 24-hours a day in the entire Schengen zone, as well as departure from home country for direct journey to the Schengen zone up to arrival in home country following direct journey there from the Schengen zone. For more information, refer to the full terms and conditions of this insurance FAS 2015-01-01.

We look forward to welcoming students to Jönköping University!