Other executive education programs and courses

CeFEO delivers programs and courses on governance, ownership dinamics, family dynamics, succession, and management to family businesses, institutions, and organizations. These programs with variable duration are custom made and designed around the needs of the participants.

For example, CeFEO has delivered the executive education program “Active Ownership”, to business families from different parts of Sweden. Professor Leif Melin developed this program and lead its delivery for several years. Active Ownership is a fee-based, five-day program customized for each company. It has been given several times to various owner-families. We are ready to deliver this program to new clients who contact JIBS/CeFEO. The program is marketed informally to family businesses that have become involved in the Centre, but there are no formal, systematic marketing activities. The focus of the program is to train members of business families to become active and competent owners. This means training in areas such as leadership, strategic management, governance and conflict resolution.

A variant of the Active Ownership program has also run four times in collaboration with ALMI, a governmental advisory organization for SME development, with the owners of SMEs participating in this three day program. Each time we have had 2-4 owners from four to six companies participating in the program.

For more information about commissioned education initiatives, please contact CeFEO Director Massimo Baù.