FAQ – Required documentation

In order to apply, you need to upload the following documents:

  1. Application letter
  2. Education certificate: Bachelor's or Master's diploma and transcript
  3. Work experience certificate: provided by the employer stating the title, role, employment start and end dates, details about years of leadership experience.
  4. English proficiency: level 6/B or equivalent (can be assessed through a phone interview)
  5. Curriculum vitae
  6. Passport/id card


Please notice: the application letter (min 300, max 500 words) is written in English. This letter clearly describes the motivations for taking a family business course:

  • your personal and professional reasons for taking the Sustainability and Responsible Ownership course.
  • description of your leadership experience in a private business (e.g. as owner, member of the board, manager, or member of a family business).

If you need any clarification regarding the content of the course, you can contact Massimo.Bau@ju.se. If you need support in the application process, please refer to Adam.Al-Azzawi@ju.se.