Social Innovation of New Ventures

Ramirez-Pasillas P., Ratten V., Lundberg H.
Routledge, 2020



Marcela Ramirez-Pasillas, Jönköping International Business School, Sweden

Vanessa Ratten, La Trobe University, Australia

Hans Lundberg, Linnaeus University, Sweden


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This book provides insights into how new ventures in emerging economies and developing countries generate social innovation. It showcases new forms of business and how they are different from traditional business models.

With increasing drive for innovation in emerging markets and lack of knowledge of how these markets work, this book enriches existing literature by looking at how such businesses in developing economies break new ground in a daunting, resource constrained environment. 

The book examines successful individual entrepreneurs, social relationships, product innovation, processes, systems and markets through cases.

This book will be a useful reference to understanding the dynamics of new ventures in emerging markets and how they fuel social innovation and sustainable development.