The External Relations Council at the School of Engineering

Linda Bergqvist

Contact person at the School of Engineering

If you would like to learn more about the collaborations opportunities we offer to businesses, you are welcome to contact
Linda Bergqvist, External Relations Manager,
School of Engineering.

What does the External Relations Council work with?

Each department, except the department of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, has one or more representatives in the External Relations Council who are led by the Extrernal Relations Manager.

Through collaboration, opportunities for competence supply, competence development and applied research increase. JTH is striving for a win-win situation between the university and the business community.

Industrial Placement Course

All our programmes have descriptions of the students' knowledge and skills before the Industrial Placement Course (internship).
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The External Relations Council

Product Development, Production and Design

#Product design, construction, product devemopment, automation, production, production management, economi, 3D printing, ergonomics, technical calculations and simulation, design, CAD, CAE, industrial requirements

Conny Larsson

AnnaKarin Zinnerfors

Supply Chain and Operations Management

#Logistics, Operation management, Supply Chain Management, Work organization, Sustainability

Magnus Vårbrant

AnnaKarin Zinnerfors

Construction Engineering and Lighting Science

#Lighting design, lighting planning, lighting, lihgting technology, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, LED, lighitng science, energy efficient lighting

Kharin Abrahamsson

AnnaKarin Zinnerfors

Materials and Manufacturing

#Material properties, mechanical testing, microscopy, manufacturing technology, surface technology, modeling och simulation, casting

Nils-Eric Andersson

AnnaKarin Zinnerfors

Computer Science and Informatics

#IT, data, software development, programming, sensors, design, AI, ML, IT-infrastructure

Jasmin Jakupovic

AnnaKarin Zinnerfors

Lifelong Learning, Competence Development

The School of Engineering offers a variety of education options for professionals who want to develop.

Courses, programs, and fully tailored courses. Adapted so you can combine it with your professional life.

  • Premium, courses within knowledge intensive and innovative product realisation for professionals
  • Smarter, courses within artificial intelligence (AI) for professionals
  • WebLearn, webinars for manufacturers of components within the metal and polymer industry
  • Courses for professionals

#Competence development, skills development, commissioned training, excellence, Premium, Smarter, WebLearn, competence provision, Industriresan, SPARK-ECG

Stefan Brolin

AnnaKarin Zinnerfors

Vocational Education

  • Technology and Manufacturing
  • Built Environment and Construction Technology
  • Logistics
  • Computer/IT

#Automation, CNC, EL, VA, 3D, Site Manager, .NET

Within the vocational education at JTH there are many opportunities for collaboration for you as a hiring company!

You can contribute by shaping the content of an education to suit your and the industry's needs by being part in a steering committee.

You can increase your visibility as well as contribute to the implementation of the education by inviting to a study visit or holding a guest lecture for the students.

You can contribute to the students' practical learning, at the same time as you get the opportunity to meet and "try" students out in your business by offering a LIA placement (Learning in a work environment).

Anita Nilsson Brun

AnnaKarin Zinnerfors