What is a degree project?

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The degree project (ex-jobb) is a way to tie together the courses, theory, knowledge, laboratories and practical applications that the student has received during their education and use these in a "focused" or reality-based problem or project for a company.

The work is done alone or together with a fellow student. The scope of the degree project depends on whether the student is studying for an engineering, higher education or master’s programme.

The company’s responsibility

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In order for the degree project to be carried out in the best possible way, the participating company needs to:

  • Provide a suitable project.
  • Provide the necessary introduction and information about the company and the project.
  • Appoint a supervisor at the company who acts as support during the degree project. The supervisor must be available for regular contact and should also be well versed in the project that the student is expected to carry out.
  • The company can take advantage of JobTeaser for advertising proposed degree projects.

The student's responsibility

The student's role is essentially to:

  • Independently make contact with a company.
  • Come up with ideas for degree projects.
  • Write a scientific dissertation and participate in a seminar that is assessed and approved by examining teachers.

The School of Engineering’s responsibility

The School of Engineering will:

  • Appoint a supervisor and examiner at the university.
  • Approve the final report.
  • Organize and send out invitations to the XJobb Degree project fair

The Xjobb fair

The Xjobb fair is a forum where you as a company can meet our graduating students and view their degree projects. You can read more about the Xjobb fair here Opens in new window.

In the Xjobb Fair’s digital showrooms you can see examples of previous student degree projects.

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Showroom 2022

Showroom 2021