Content updated 2017-12-05


Campus-based exams in Inspera are performed on JU computers in exam halls. Remote exams are performed on your own PC or Mac.

Preparations before the exam

Remote exams

There is no specific/required application needed in order to start the exam in Inspera. Safe Exam Browser (SEB) is not used in this case.

Go to External link, opens in new window. and log in with your JU account. Click on the specific exam and start/open it. Note that you cannot open an exam before set start time.

Once you have started the exam, you will receive a message with the phone number to the responsible invigilator, that you can call if there is any technical issues with the exam.

Important information regarding remote exams

ChromeBooks are NOT combatible with Inspera exams at JU. Only use PC or MAC with the web browsers Google Chrome or Safari.

It is not possible to submit your Inspera exam when taking an exam on a ChromeBook, and your exam will not reach your examiner. It may appear as if it’s working when you write your exam on your ChromeBook. But at the end there will be no “Submit Now” button to hand in your exam submission. This means that neither the examiner nor the examination group, will not receive your exam.


  • Borrow a PC or Mac
  • Go to a computer lab at one of the faculties at JU
  • Contact the Exams Team and request the possibilites of sitting your exam in one of the rooms for special educational needs at the exams center (K-building) at JU

After the exam

Once your exam has been assessed by your teacher, log in to Inspera External link, opens in new window.. There you will find your results and grades. Your assessed exams will also be available on JU Mobile and on Exam External link, opens in new window..
Read more Pdf, 140 kB. about how to view your submitted exam and the published comments in Inspera.

The course cordinator/examiner has the choice of publishing different amounts of your assessed exam's results and comments. Please note that the examiner needs to check a box for student post submission review. If you cannot see your submitted exam, please contact your examiner.