Content updated 2013-07-31


To be able to attend courses you must be registered as a student at the University.

Exchange student

The International Office will take care of the pre-registration and registration of courses for exchange students. Students will be registered for the courses they applied for from their home university.

During the welcome meeting, the first day of introduction week, you will get all important information on how to confirm the registration. By doing that you will also get access to computers, the wireless network, a web based learning platform, net storage and mail at the University.

Bachelor or master student

When you are admitted to a programme you need to be registrered as a student at the University and to the programme.

Link to the registration page.

To be able to attend courses you must be registered as a student at the university. The registration options show the programme and course registrations available to you during the current semester provided that the registration period has been activated as allowed in the system. You may also do a continuation registration which applies for courses that extend over 2 semesters or more. Even if you are going abroad as an exchange student you will be able to register for the current semester.

It is important that you check that the registration options match, for example, the course choices you have made within your programme.  Jönköping University has a registration limit of 45 higher education credits per semester.

If your courses do not match or if your university credits exceed 45 or if you have any other problems with your registration, please contact Educational Center, Student Services. Note! For some programmes and courses registration online is not allowed. Registration will be done at start of the course.

Current students

All students who continue to study at JU must register on each course at every semester beginning. You can do this one week before the start of the semester.

Register through StudentLadok.

Pathway student

As a Pathway student, you will register for courses during the Pathway Induction, in the first week of the semester. To be able to register, it is necessary to meet all the requirements for enrolment, and any conditional acceptance criteria. For example, the Admissions Office could ask for your original documents with transcripts of grades from high school, before you can register. Always bring your original documents with you to JU.


If you have any questions please contact the Academic Administration.