Maybe you are feeling lonely right now, carrying worries or just want to share your thoughts with someone? We are here and have time for you! We have strict confidentiality and everything is possible to talk about!

You can reach us by e-mail or phone to book a meeting. We can meet either by phone, video call or in a room at JU.

We at Chaplaincy

- is for both employees and students

- is part of JU's crisis organization

- is happy to contribute with lectures and discussion forums

- can refer further to different religious contexts

We at Chaplaincy are:

Emelie Wettermark, priest Church of Sweden

0730-70 35 50

Mattias Nystrand, deacon Church of Sweden

+46 70-898 22 94

Rebecca Jansdotter Hultqvist, priest Church of Sweden


John Ahlström, pastor (several denominations in Sweden)



Student house

First floor in the corridor by restaurant Rio.


Mattias Nystrand

Deacon Swedish church
(basic education in psychodynamic therapy)

073-070 35 64

John Ahlström

Pastor Uniting church of Sweden


Emelie Wettermark

Priest Church of Sweden

0730-70 35 50

Rebecca Jansdotter Hultqvist

Priest Church of Sweden


Jakob Olofsgård

Student pastor

070-849 49 98


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