President's summer greeting

JU, June 2021

Colleagues and students, the spring semester of 2022 has come to an end at Jönköping University. During the spring, we recovered from the pandemic but at the same time also encountered a new upheaval event; Russia's invasion of Ukraine. We are affected by the world around us and follow developments closely, show our support for everyone affected by these events, support students and staff, who are affected in various ways by the war and we are involved in the network Scholars at Risk.

Despite what is going on around us, the spring semester has meant many great events at JU. In January, JU Educate (Educator Center for Academic Teaching and Learning) started as a competence center and meeting place focusing on higher education pedagogical development work. Educate's mission is to assist all teaching staff at JU in strengthening the quality of our education.

The Foundation Governing Board makes this investment so that the university will develop toward the vision of being a leading knowledge environment.


During the spring, we received several good news. JU has been granted SEK 51.6 million to the research and education environment SPARK from the Knowledge Foundation to carry out a significant research effort in innovative foundry technology.

The research project HEAT, at the School of Health and Welfare (HHJ), which focuses on urban planning for an ageing population in a warmer climate, has been granted eight million SEK in research grants from FORMAS, a government research council for sustainable development.

In its latest call for applied welfare research the Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (Forte) granted funding for SEK 9.6 million to HHJ.

Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) has been granted almost SEK 23 million from the Kamprad Family Foundation for entrepreneurship research for a living countryside.

The School of Education and Communication (HLK), together with the Universities of Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm, has been granted SEK 39 million by the Swedish Research Council for a new graduate school, CuEED-LL (Culturally Empowering Education through Language and Literature).

These research fundings are a recognition of our hard work and the great need for our research, and relevance in society.


The EU has a clear political will to integrate education and research. During the year, JU collaborated with eight other European universities in the alliance EULIST (European Universities Linking Society and Technology), which was formed to support long-term cooperation in education, research, innovation and service to society. In March, EULIST submitted its application to formally join a European university. This summer, information is expected. The competition is hard, 31 applications have been submitted, but we are hopeful. Regardless, membership of EULIST will provide new opportunities for students and staff at JU to connect with people from all over Europe, share experiences with and collaborate in various educations, research projects and social initiatives.


During the spring, JU applied to start a dental education with Linköping University and the Region Jönköping County. More than half of Sweden's regions will also participate in the cooperation. Thiswill be the first new dental education in over 50 years in Sweden. It will create conditions for more equal dental care, better dental health, and more dentists throughout Sweden. We hope to receive a positive message from UKÄ in late autumn.


On 1 May, Anders Danielsson took over as the new Chairman of the Jönköping University Foundation Governing Board. We also got three new members. The new board members have a diverse and broad experience - and represent both the scientific and businesscommunity . A big thank you to our outgoing Chairman Monica Dahlbom, who, has led JU's board for seven years with a confident hand.


JU's prize, ‘Bridge-Builder of the Year’, was awarded at this year's edition of the Jönköping Gala, which took place on Walpurgis Night. This year’s recipient wasSven Rydell, Business Manager at Jönköping Municipality. It is important to have a strong collaboration. For JU ,it is great to highlight initiatives that build bridges between science and society. Sven's commitment does that!


We have reached the summer, our students have completed their courses and employees are approaching their summer vacation. It is a great pleasure to finally see our final year students graduate in the traditional solemn way on site on our beautiful campus after a couple of years with digitalceremonies. . A lovely and wonderful summer sign!

Examen på campus

For me, there are a few weeks of work left before the vacation. An intensive week awaits in Almedalen where we, together with the Region and Jönköping Municipality, will strengthen the image of Jönköping County as an attractive, dynamic, and development-oriented county with solid prospects. JU will give two seminars "Intercultural competence - an essential skill in an increasingly globalized world" and "Dental education with a focus on equal dental care throughout Sweden".


After Almedalen, I look forward to a wonderful vacation with my family. I will spendtime in the cottage in Kittelfjäll, hiking, enjoying the sun and swimming, gardening, and reading good books.

I want to thank all employees, students, and partners for important efforts for JU during the past academic year and wish you a pleasant, strengthening and relaxing summer, A warm welcome back to campus when the autumn term starts in August.

With the hope for a wonderful and strengthening summer,


Agneta Marell, rektor