Content updated 2013-08-16


  • JIBS Entrepreneurship challenge goes digital!
    This year, due to the coronavirus outbreak, and in line with Jönköping University's decision to transition to more digital operations, Jönköping International Business School’s annual Entrepreneurship Challenge will depart from its usual format to take place online.
  • Students at Jönköping University assist elderly in COVID-19 risk groups
    Students at Jönköping University have started a volunteer initiative called Corona Solidarity Network Jönköping and Corona in Skaraborg via social media. The purpose is to help people who have trouble running errands because of the coronavirus – and the willingness to help is huge.
  • Service limitations at the University Library
    As of 26 March, the library will be closed, except for collecting requested books on weekdays between 12-14. You can still contact the library via telephone, or by using Ask the library.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud and other programs for work-at-home
    JU has signed an agreement with Adobe to be able to offer Adobe Creative Cloud to install on personal computers as long as all education is conducted online. Several other programs are already available as work at home licenses, and more are on the way. You can always find an updated list at the IT Helpdesk web, under FAQ -> Work-at-home
  • Study a master’s programme!
    Prepare for future challenges – study a master’s programme at JU this autumn.
  • Parking permits for April
    On Wednesday 25 March, the Service Center will sell the parking permits for April. Due to Covid-19, we want to avoid crowds as much as possible on campus. The parking permits will therefore only be available to order online this month. You will not be able to buy them at the desk in the Service Center.
  • Upgrade of JU print
    The upgrade will be done on Monday, 23 March between 13:00 and 16:00. During this time, the printers cannot be used.
  • JIBS students - new 'chain of contact' info
    JIBS has created a 'chain of contact' to help you identify who to contact in case of unexpected events or situations. 
  • Are you postponing things you need to get done?
    Postponing things is a common habit that most of us do. Would you like to get more structure and routines so you get done with things earlier and have more free time on your hands? Welcome to a lecture about procrastination.
  • Important information about exams
    Updated 14 March at 20:00. Jönköping University's ambition is to continue our operation and to do it wisely, which now means a transition to more digital operations.