Jönköping International Business School and the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Spatial Economics (CEnSE) will hand out up to two awards for master and/or bachelor theses addressing topics related to entrepreneurship and/or regional development.

We encourage novel research questions and profound empirical results and are particularly interested in research that is in line with CEnSE’s key focus areas:

  1. Entrepreneurship,
  2. Business renewal,
  3. Regional development and growth,
  4. Interrelation between urban and rural areas,
  5. Innovation.

The best thesis will be awarded up to 10,000 SEK.

To qualify for the competition, a thesis should meet the following criteria:

  • Address issues that are related to the focus of CEnSE,
  • Be theoretically and/or empirically sound.

Students from Economics and Business Administration degrees are welcome to apply as well as students from Civilekonom. The theses are evaluated and ranked by members of CEnSE.

To submit, please send an email to cense@ju.se with the title: “Thesis award CEnSE” where you attach your thesis and information about all author(s). NB! The thesis must be in line with the focus areas of CEnSE.

Good luck!

Submission Deadline: June 1st, 2023

If you have questions, contact: the director(s) of CEnSE.