Impact Challenge

Impact Challenge is an annual 24-hour student competition at JIBS, focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Regional business corporations are challenging students to help them create ideas for impactful sustainable solutions connected to new customer values and business outcomes.

Working with real-life challenges and local businesses, students can create positive impacts and gain valuable knowledge about multi-stakeholder engagement, innovation for sustainability and much more.

The winning team is rewarded with a prize money of 15,000 SEK.

The Impact Challenge is a collaboration between Jönköping University, Science Park Jönköping and ALMI.

We want to find out how a digital platform could support new sustainable business models to increase the use of SWERO's products. Based on the circular economy, the students presented a solution that could help us create an even stronger value proposition for our customers.

"Svero Lifting AB, case company 2021"