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Free webinars for competence development in related industry

WEBLEARN is a project that was supported initially by KK-stiftelsen in Sweden (2020-2022). As of 2023, we continue the effort as the effort financially supported by the Dep. Materials and Manufacturing at the School of Engineering, Jönköping University. The aim of WEBLEARN is to provide quick and effective competence development packages (free webinars) for metal and polymer industry – as two of the most commercially impactful sectors - at the advanced level. The developed skills are efficient tools for knowledge transfer and will equip industries with a quicker implementation of innovation, improving product quality, raising global competitiveness, as well as a quicker recovery after the crisis is over.


To develop and conduct a series of in-depth, quick and effective competence-development webinars (advanced level) targeting industrial challenges in the field of “component manufacturing” including metals and polymers (Material och Tillverkningsteknik).

Compare to conventional long-term educational efforts, our webinars with specific topics will be short, “spot-on” and state-of-the-art knowledge transfer based on current industrial needs, that facilitates a quick impact to the industry. Moreover, WEBLEARN enables networking among professionals working in different industrial sectors that can lead to further intersectoral innovation and collaboration. For professionals working in the industry, WEBLEARN also offers access to our competent professors at JTH as well as international guest lecturers that will be involved in our webinars.

The project is kicked-off by reaching out to related metal and polymer industries within Sweden using an online survey, for the purpose of gathering the current needs for quick and online competence development. Accordingly, a series of webinars on related topics will be scheduled and categorized in various “modules”. The webinars in each module will be planned based on the progressive education method, but to provide more flexibility for participants, the modules will not be necessarily dependent to each other; i.e. a participant can join any modules without the need to attend previous modules necessarily.

Each webinar has a separate registration page, which is required to be submitted in order to access the live (and eventually on-demand recorded) webinar. Information is provided as learning outcomes for participants to get a hint about the level of the webinar content (Advanced/Master level).

The management team as well as the JTH teachers/professors involved in the WEBLEARN have extensive experience in online educational activities, targeting professionals working in the industry (e.g. Gjutmagistern – Foundry Master – that is a running online Master Programme at JTH). This outlines a high level of success for a fast kick-off and implementation of WEBLEARN.

Note: The project WEBLEARN contains a broader topic compared to Gjutmagistern, including technical challenges in metal and polymer component manufacturing (not only foundry technology but also, for instance, machining, 3D printing, polymer component production, etc.).

Introduction to WEBLEARN

Alloy development

Focus on Aluminium surface

Webinars included in this module:

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Ferrous Metals

Non-ferrous Alloys

Other related topics

Additive Manufacturing

Webinars included in this module:

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Project leader: Ehsan Ghassemali

Deputy leader: Madelene Zetterlind

Marketing and communication: Stefan Brolin, Daniel Sjödahl