The adoption and penetration of electrified vehicles (EVs) have revolutionised the global automobile landscape. This new norm has brought about new demands and challenges that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) must address. An essential component of EVs that requires modification or substitution is the brake rotor. Automotive brake discs are usually made in grey cast iron, but their future can become lighter thanks to aluminium-based composites. These composites are suitable candidates to substitute the conventional material and create light, durable, sustainable brake discs. However, a change in the brake disc material needs a similar change in the brake pads to guarantee the braking performance. Several challenges and good collaboration are the basis of this journey, and it can take years to reach the perfect result. Have you ever wondered what the next generation of brake discs and pads will be?

In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges of the new braking couple of aluminium-based composites and tailored brake pads in automotive. Different steps and testing requirements will be presented and discussed. The braking performance evaluation of the friction couple during dyno and vehicle-drive testing will be presented and discussed.

Date: Dec. 12, 2023

Time: 10:00-11:00 (+ 30 min Panel discussion and networking)

After attending this webinar you will know more about:

  • The properties of aluminium-based composites
  • The testing techniques that give us performant brake discs
  • The main step of changing material in a well-established product
  • Related research and development activities at JTH

Target audience: Designer and supplier manager of aluminium component industries. Designer and supplier manager of brake discs and brake pads. End user of aluminium components. Everyone with an interest in aluminium composites and wear.