Study techniques

Finding your way to learn and process the information, finding your study technique and learning style, provides a good basis for successful studies. It is based on strengths and it is important that you identify and take advantage of your particular strengths.

How do you work?

  • Take the time to think about your particular study technique. How does your memory work? How do you learn best? Once you've started to understand yourself, you're working on supplementing your technique with others and sharpening the one you have.
  • When during the day do you work best? Use that time to study. In the other time, you can socialize with others.
  • Do you need quiet to concentrate? Or sound? Is it the same no matter what you're going to learn?
  • Be honest and factual in what you actually do over time. Find out how many effective hours you actually study each day. What are you doing with the other hours? Make sure it's the way you actually want it.
  • Be sure to take breaks. Food, rest and socializing are important!

Structure and order

  • Record your thoughts on the phone, so you don't have to keep al information on your mind and maybe lose something along the way
  • Read the teachers' instructions and discuss with classmates about the instructions so you can feel confident that you are on the right path.
  • For example, use Popplet to make digital mind maps and get structure over your studies
  • For example, use Wunderlist to collect everything you want to do and remember in one place
  • Be best friend with your calendar on your phone and the features
  • Take control of the phone's notifications and what should pling, buzz and appear on the screen? A lot can be turned off and make it easier for you to concentrate on studying.
  • Give yourself a few minutes of Snapchat or Insta time as a reward at regular breaks instead.
  • Exactly, don´t forget to take (short) breaks!


  • Always look at the introduction schedule for each semester
  • Feel free to go on the sessions Study Technique
  • When planning your studies, add time for repetition to your schedule
  • After reading a section of a text:
    • repeat laudly
    • write down a summary of what you have read
    • write down words of support ?
    • draw a mind map
    • talk your summary on your phone and listen while you take a walk, exercise etc.