Content updated 2014-10-27

The International Student Barometer

The International Student Barometer (ISB) is an online survey conducted by the independent research company, I-graduate. The survey is taken by both international and domestic students and the results are compared with all institutions taking part.

The results are presented relative all international students’ answers in the categories worldwide, Europe and Sweden as well as domestic students’ answers compared internationally and nationally.

The survey is conducted recurringly.

ISBSB 2020

The ISBSB 2020, is open
15 January - 24 February 2021.

Via the link below students can log in and fill out the survey.

Students will need to input their student ID and year of birth to access the survey.

Students taking individual courses and who do not have a JU email address can unfortunately not log in.

Only students registered during autumn 2020 are included.

Link to ISBSBexternal link, opens in new window