Academic Partners: School of Engineering and Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping Univeristy

Partner companies: Husqvarna,

Combitech, Fagerhults Belysning, Siemens Energy ,  External link, opens in new window.Bufab External link, opens in new window.

Financiers: KK-stiftelsen

Project duration: 2021-2024

Research team

Förnyelse och organisering för hållbar innovation

Christian Sandström

Responsiva processer och försörjningskedjor

Prince Chacko Johnson


Effects on industry and competition

How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) affect the competitiveness of companies? It is well known today that digitalisation sometimes leads to entire industries being reshaped. There are also examples of when established companies face major obstacles and the winners are new companies or in other sectors. Is this the case with AI?


The purpose of the project is to investigate how AI affects established structures and competencies in the business world. Some believe that AI will erase job opportunities as well as entire companies and industries. We try to understand AI and its industrial dynamics by studying a number of contemporary cases of how AI has been introduced.

The impact on various industries has initially been studied by building large databases with media-related content, which in the next stage are coded to investigate how ongoing changes in the business community seem to take place. There has also been a special focus on how R&D-related work is affected by AI.

AI and Industrial Dynamics is one of several projects within the framework of the research profile AFAIR, which has been developed in collaboration with industry to integrate technical, logistical and organizational aspects of the introduction of AI.

Ultimate goal

The goal of the project is to map AI's effects on competition between new and established companies, as well as its impact on the labor market. Are jobs disappearing or is it rather the case that jobs are being transformed continuously? For what purposes do companies use AI, is it mainly about further developing the existing offer or creating completely new goods and services?

Expected results

The project will result in an in-depth understanding of the interplay between AI and companies' competitiveness, as well as the structure of different industries. Furthermore, these studies will add to our knowledge of AI's effects on the labor market. As mapping can be done between different industries and patterns can be discerned in different sectors, our hope is that it is also possible to create lessons that are relevant to the companies involved in AFAIR.

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