PropAIr news letter October 2023

Ett samverkansprojekt om proaktiv organisering och arbetsdesign för AI-integration

A part of the research environment on applied AI (AFAIR) at the School of Engineering, Jönköping University

October 2023

More about the project

Project objectives

The purpose with this project is to build knowledge about proactive work design for sustainable AI integration in industrial organizations. PropAIr delves into how industrial

organizations proactively can embrace AI integration in their operations. We will take the results from the first project, PrepAIr, focusing on readiness for AI transformation in industrial organizations, as our starting point.


Research Questions of the project

  1. What are the characteristics of work design supporting AI integration in the specific
    context of industrial organizations?
  2. What stimulates/hinders the AI integration in industrial organizations?
  3. How can work activities facilitate organizational learning during AI integration?

Audience record at the AI-Day

The researchers from AFAIR shared their knowledge on applied AI at the Science Park AI-Day on October 18th. The event was sold out and gathered 200 people eager to discuss the future and possibilities of AI. The theme was ”AI – locally and for real”. Our research colleagues from the project AI Readiness also participated. The programme featured a match making session between students, companies and scientists and the PropAIr team member Anette Johansson was one of the speakers. The event was a sucess and we hope that the guests have found some real inspiration to develop AI-projects in their organisations.

New AI- courses for companies

Science Park offers a 20-minutes introduction online course. The course is free but for the moment only available in Swedish. Scan the QR-code below for more information.

This spring, JTH offers the course ”Data-driven AI for decision makers.” Application opens November 1st. Scan the QR-code below for more information.


  • The reports from PrepAIr are ready for BUFAB and Fagerhult.
  • Our workshop at Combitech in Linköping took place October 11-12th and was a success. Our participating companies presented their identified AI-initiatives. Together we will follow up these initiatives through the project. We are looking forward to this with excitement!

Some of the participants at our Combitech workshop. Left picture: Malin Lindberg and Erika Hansson. Right picture: Anna Casillas Granlund, Björn Axelsson and Ronny Norberg.


Pictures and names of researchers


PropAIr is one of several projects within the frame for the research profile AFAIR in the research and educational environment SPARK at Jönköping University’s School of Engineering.


Industrial Partners