Upcoming and previously presented defences of doctoral theses and licentiate seminars at Jönköping University.

Upcoming dissertation defences 2022

9 November, 2022, School of Engineering
Salil Sainis: An Insight into the Critical Role of Microstructure and Surface Preparation on Localized Conversion Coating Deposition on Cast Al Alloys

Upcoming licentiate seminars 2022

Presented defences 2022

6 May, 2022, School of Engineering
Nikolas Käkelä: A Solution Space Perspective on Customization

14 June 2022, Jönköping International Business School
Amedeus Malisa: Pensions, retirement behavior and financial fraud victimization

Presented licentiate seminars 2022

7 September 2022, School of Education and Communication
Maria Hammarsten: Skogsträdgårdsvistelser ur barns perspektiv - speglat under samtalspromenader

12 May 2022, School of Engineering
Qing Zhang: Mechanical Properties of Semi-Solid AI Castings: Role of Stirring

16 June 2022, School of Engineering
Andreas Risberg: e-Commerce Logistics in Omni-channel Retailing: Exploring the Last Mile

Presented defences 2021

2 February 2021, Jönköping International Business School
Thomas Cyron: How Organizations Incorporate Insights from Stakeholder Communication: The Role of Media and Modal Affordances

25 February 2021, School of Engineering
Tim Heikkinen: Extended Product Models Supporting Multidisciplinary Design Automation

12 March 2021, School of Engineering
Roaa Salim: Exploring the Content and Process of Automation Decisions in Manufacturing System Development Projects - A Study in the Swedish Wood Products Industry External link, opens in new window.

31 May, 2021, School of Engineering
Santiago Pinate: Control of Particles Codeposition and Strengthening Mechanisms in Nickel Based Nanocomposite Coatings

18 June, 2021, School of Education and Communication
Henrik Hansson: Variationsteorin i praktiken. Vad en lärandeteori kan bidra med till lärares undervisning.

10 September, 2021, School of Education and Communication
Lars Almén: One-school-for-all As Practice – A Nexus Analysis of Everyday Digitalization Practices

23 September, 2021, Jönköping International Business School
Sumaya Hashim:Women Entrepreneurship: Masculinity, Legitimacy and Well-being. External link, opens in new window.

24 September , 2021, School of Health and Welfare
Olov Aronson: Understanding the social integration of adolescents of foreign origin: Longitudinal investigations of inter-origin friendship formation

30 September, 2021, Jönköping International Business School
Shanyun Sam Lu :Managing contexts for innovation and renewal: Strategies of incumbent firms in traditional manufacturing industries. External link, opens in new window.

29 October, 2021, School of Engineering
Johan Jansson: Multiscale Constitutive Modeling of Heterogeneous Engineering Materials

10 December, 2021, School of Engineering
Cinzia Sansone: Critical Operations Capabilities for Competitive Manufacturing: A High-Cost Environment Perspective

17 December, 2021, Jönköping International Business School
Nadia Arshad: The Backers Crowdfunding Journey - An Engagement Perspective External link, opens in new window.

Presented licentiate seminars 2021

4 June 2021, School of Engineering
Live Mölmen: Materials Reliability in PEM Fuel Cells