Jönköping University has a number of researchers with expert knowledge on a variety of topics that are relevant to the war in Ukraine.

Frida Lygnegård

Frida Lygnegård is a senior lecturer in Occupational Thearpy at the School of Health and Welfare. Her main research interests concern children and young people's health and participation, global health and children's rights.

Rafael Barros De Rezende

Rafael Barros De Rezende is Assistant Professor of Economics at Jönköping international Business School. He researches on macroeconomics, international financial markets, empirical asset pricing, monetary economics and asset valuation.

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Vad innebär sanktionerna mot Ryssland?

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Sonny Johansson

Sonny Johansson is a lecturer at the School of Engineering and an expert on IT Security.

Anders Dybelius

Anders Dybelius is a history lecturer at the School of Education and Communication, and an expert on Russia and Russian history.


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I Putins huvud


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Marco Nilsson

Marco Nilsson is a lecturer and Associate Professor of Political Science at the School of Education and Communication. His research focuses on questions regarding violent conflicts and international politics.

Joy Torgé

Joy Torgé is Associate Professor of Gerontology and an active member of the Institute of Gerontology at the School of Health and Welfare.

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Krigets offer är inte bara kvinnor och barn

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