Display name in JU systems and change of e-mail address

JU:s account management system, KAS, retrieves information about name and civic number/co-ordination number from the SPAR database which is updated daily with data from the Swedish Population Register. This affects the display name in our systems that automatically will be updated from SPAR.

If you have not registered a first name (calling name) in the Swedish Population Register, all your names will be displayed in our systems and your e-mail address.

If you have both a middle name and a Last name registered in the Swedish Population Register, both will be displayed in our systems and e-mail address. Contact IT Helpdesk if you want to show only one of them (the middle name or the last name) in JU systems and specify which one.

Also the spelling of your name registered at the Swedish Population Register will be retrieved to JU systems and your e-mail address.

If you want to change your names or the spelling of your names you must contact the Swedish Tax Agency, either online or visit them at Barnarpsgatan 62, opposite School of Health and Welfare.

Please note that the name change will affect both Display name in JU-systems and your e-mail address and not only the one or the other. After the change you can still receive e-mails on the old address but will display the new address on outgoing.

Also note that on those places that you use your e-mail address to log on to different sites and services you need to use your new e-mail address.

If you need to change your display name on the JU web (presentation pages) please contact HR, you’ll find the information on the intranet “Service and Support” and “Employment and Salary”.