VPN (Virtual Private Network) use encrypted connections (tunnels) between computers or networks to ensure a more secure communication. A staff member of the University can use VPN to work outside the campus and still be connected to the University network through an encrypted tunnel. Instructions for VPN-connection are provided below. The VPN service is available only to a limited number of connections.

From 2018-06-01 the JU VPN service utilizes VPN Split Tunneling. The VPN service will be limited to resources on the JU network while all other internet traffic will be routed through the internet service currently in use. You are thus able to use local resources as printers or network shares while also having access to JU. Since only the connection to JU is protected by VPN you may create a ticket at IT Helpdesk if you have work-related assignments which require that internet connections are protected by VPN.

PC: Setting up VPN on Windows 10 Pdf, 428.7 kB, opens in new window. 

Mac: Get the VPN-client "Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client" for Mac at vpn.hj.se
External link, opens in new window.