Project web is a system for web publishing that can be used for projects, research materials, surveys, etcetera.

The purpose of Project web is to create a system where web pages concerning activities at the university, but that do not belong on the official web sites, can be published, with a high level of stability and accessibility.

System operation

The IT Department is responsible for the administration, accessibility and accounts. Before an account is assigned, a certain examination of the purpose of the web page is carried out, as well as a check that the person in question has sufficient competence to handle the system.

The system consists of two separate environments – one Unix based and one Windows based. The Unix based environment consists of SUN/Solaris, Apache, PHP, Java and MySQL. The Windows based environment consists of Windows 2008 Server, IIS, SQLserver 2008 and ASP/ASP.Net.


Anyone who publishes electronic services is responsible for these services to follow the university’s rules and policies. It is not allowed to design web pages on Project Web so that they may be taken for the university’s official web pages, i. e. it is forbidden to use any of JU’s frames and logotypes. Copying contents from the university’s official web pages to web pages on Project Web is forbidden as well. If you are in need of a web site, and think this is what you are looking for – contact IT Helpdesk.