How much OneDrive storage do I have?

Every user gets 100GB or 1TB (1024 GB) Depending on the account type.

Are there any limitations to the file name?

Yes, the entire search path including the file name has to be less than 255 characters. Shorten the file name or the name of the folder containing the file.

Are there any characters which should not be used in file names?

Yes, see the following link: External link, opens in new window.

Are there any more limitations and restrictions I should be aware of?

See the following link for more information regarding for example maximum number of files, file size etcetera. External link, opens in new window.

How do I know how much storage space I have used?

If you are logged into the portal: Click on the cog wheel, select ONeDrive Settings and Storage Metrics.

In the OneDrive client, right-click in the icon in the System Tray, click settings and the Account tab. For detailed information, select Manage Storage. This will take you to the same page as when  using the portal (see above).

I have a private OneDrive-account, will this be a problem?

No, they will not affect each other.

I've lost my files and the are not visible in the trash can, neither the first nor second stage?

You will have to contact Microsoft support. IT Services are not able to to help you in this case. Contact them at External link, opens in new window.