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Step 2: How to apply

Ready to apply for your exchange semester?Information given under step 2 will help you through the application process at JU.

The application is done online in the IntApps database. If you know which university you want to apply to, the application will only take a few minutes. If you still unsure, it is better you collect more information about the universities suitable for your programme - see step no. 1.

There are two parts to the application.

Section 1: Here you fill in your personal information.

Section 2: choosing partner university. You can chose up to 15 alternatives and you can add and remove universities as much as you like until the deadline. Make sure to rank your choices and choose your no 1 university as first in the list. There is no submit button in IntApps, your choices will automatically be transferred when the selection closes. We recommend you choose only those universities you would like to study at.

Applying with a friend

You are allowed to apply with your friend if you prefer to do so. ln the application simply enter the personal number of that person in the section "I would like to do my exchange together with". Please note that both students need to select each other and that you need to have identical lists of universities. This section is optional.

Applications must be completed by the given deadline. All grades must be registered in Ladok by the deadline. Any documents required to complete an application must be turned in by the deadline for each selection.

To make sure you have done everything that you should for this step, please see the checklist for step 2.