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Biomedical Laboratory Science, focusing Clinical Physiology

Today's working life environment is global and characterised by multicultural and multidisciplinary teamwork. Studying or practicing abroad is an excellent way to equip yourself with new knowledge and skills and engage globally. Invest in your future now and apply to study abroad!

WHEN: semester 5, week 38 - 45
APPLICATION: See Step 1 and 2 in left menu.
ASSESMENT CRITERIA: grades, amount of credits, and extra points for engagenent in JU organisations
REQUIREMENTS: General requirements for proceeding to the next semester
LENGTH: 8 weeks
SCHOLARSHIPS: you can apply for Erasmus+ traineeship scholarship for studies in Europe




  • Escola Superior De Tecnologia Da Saude Do Porto - Subject Area: Biomedial Laboratory Science: Clinical fysiology

Learn more about the partner universities in the MOA Portal:

WHEN: semester 6
APPLICATION: in semester 5
LENGTH: min. of 8 weeks
SCHOLARSHIPS: you can apply for Erasmus+ traineeship scholarship if you plan to collect data for your thesis in Europe
TIPS: start with your application early and contact the Head of your programme who can help you to get in contact with your thesis supervisor.

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