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In order to be eligible for the MFS scholarship and programme you must meet the following criteria:

You are enrolled as a student at JU and you are about to write a thesis/essay on the C/Bachelor or D/Master level.
• You have an interest in working in global engagement in a developing country.
• You have an idea for a thesis related to development problems and have a specified connection with your subject area. The requirements for Final Project work/Thesis work/essay within your programme at Jönköping University apply.
• You have not received the MFS/or another SIDA financed scholarship previously.
• You have not started your PhD studies.
•The degree essay that is the result of your MFS must be written in English.

• Minimum length of MFS must be 8 weeks (56 days). Counted from the day you leave Sweden until the day you leave your visiting country.
• You are a Swedish citizen or have permanent residence permit in Sweden. Nordic students must have been registered in Sweden for at least one year before receiving a MFS scholarship. European students with a right of residence are not eligible to apply for MFS (As for eligibility based on citizenship, etc. according to § 8 of the terms of MFS, work permit is not included. It is only those with Swedish citizenship or a permanent residence permit that is authorized according to that point).

JIBS STUDENTS: MFS is open for students in the Civilekonom program, two year Master programmes and the following bachelor programmes:

  • International management
  • Marketing management
  • Sustainable enterprise development

JTH STUDENTS: MFS scholarships are available for all programme students except for students studying the bachelor programmes in Building Projects/Construction Engineering and Architectural Engineering.

MFS open to all programmes.

MFS open to all programmes.