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Occupational Therapy

Today's working environment and society are international and global. Studying or practicing abroad is an excellent way to equip yourself with new knowledge and skills in global issues. Invest in your future now and apply to study abroad!

As an OT student at HHJ you have a huge range of possibilities to become a student with unique skills which can be valuable in your future studies and career.

WHEN: semester 4 or 5
APPLICATION: See step 1 and 2 in left menu.
ASSESMENT CRITERIA: grades, amount of credits in your study programme, and extra points for engagement in JU organisations
REQUIREMENTS: good academic standing. It is not possible to undertake a study abroad program if you have more than 7.5 hp outstanding (i.e. if you have failed more than 7.5 credits) by your departure abroad.
LENGTH: one semester (3 - 5 months, depending on partner university)
PLACEMENT (VFU): is available at most of the partner universities
SCHOLARSHIPS: you can apply for Erasmus+ scholarship for studies in Europe or a Travel Grant while studying outside Europe

Learn more about the partner universities in the MOA Portal:

Possibilities within Europe


  • FH Campus Wien - Subject area: Occupational Therapy (A)
    Contact Teacher: Eva Edström


  • HOGENT University College Ghent - Subject area: Occupational Therapy (A)
    Contact teacher: Wallescka Östlund

Possibilities outside Europe


  • Deakin University - Subject Area: Occupational Therapy (A)
    Contact Teacher: Wallescka Östlund


  • Tung Wah College, Hong Kong - Subject Area: Occupational Therapy (S)
    Contact Teacher: Wallescka Östlund

(S) = available during Spring semesters only
(A) = available during Autumn semeseters only
(S+A) = available during both semesters

WHEN: semester 6
APPLICATION: in semester 5
LENGTH: 7-8 weeks (instead of "Clinical Placement with focus on Role Emergent Placement" course)
POSSIBILITIES: you can do a 7-8 weeks traineeship at OT partner universities or find your own traineeship place.


  • Chiang Mai University - Subject Area: Occupational Therapy
    Contact Teacher: Eva Edström


SCHOLARSHIPS: Erasmus+ for traineeship in Europe
HOW IT WORKS: if you would like to find your own traineeship place then you are responsible to organise all practicalities yourself and you need to get your traineeship approved by the Programme coordinator before your departure. If you would like to practice at one of our partner universities then we recommend you firstly discuss your idea with the Academic International Coordinator Wallescka Östlund or your International coordinator at the International Office.

WHEN: semester 6
APPLICATION: in semester 5
LENGTH: min. of 8 weeks
SCHOLARSHIPS: you can apply for Erasmus+ traineeship scholarship if you plan to collect data for your thesis in Europe.
TIPS: start with your application early and contact your Academic International Coordinator Wallescka Östlund who can help you to get in contact with your thesis supervisor.

If you want to study abroad at a university that HHJ does not have co-operation with or doing internship, you usually have to organize it yourself, to go as a freemover. It also applies if you want to read something that can not be included in your degree at HHJ. Planning is A and O! If you choose to go as a freemover you have to find information, contact the university, pay tuition fee and other feesm, arrange financing and insurance as well as all other practical details by your own. You must always contact your study councellor at HHJ to discuss your studies.

This website, JU's study abroad website includes information about the process of exchange studies at our partner universities only!

Have you finished your courses and are you awaiting your degree certificate? Use this time to gain even more international experience. Recent graduates may apply to undertake an internship via Erasmus + programme. Application must be made via JU and should be made prior to the issuing of the student's degree. The entire internship period must be completed within 12 months of the date of graduation. A student who has obtained his / her degree may no longer apply for an internship.