Sidan uppdaterad 2021-01-18

Certificate of International Merits (CIM)

Are you interested in international exposure, expanding your global perspectives, enhancing your intercultural skills and increasing your employability?? Yes, but you do not necessarily want to travel abroad? – even better! With the new initiative aiming at improving your intercultural skills in a structured way, you do not even need to leave the campus if you do not want to! It sounds good, right?!

We are happy to introduce to you Certificate of International Merits (CIM) - your formal recognition of the international and intercultural activities that you undertake during your study programme at campus, outside the campus, abroad or the combination of all. You are the designer of your international portfolio, and you decide if you want to attend the JU pre-defined activities or choose your own.

How does CIM work?

You register for CIM in Canvas learning platform, where you will find information about available activities, rules and guidelines that are described in detail. In Canvas, you also receive access to your international online portfolio that you can design yourself and where you will upload the "proofs/evidence" of the attended activities. Each activity is worth a different amount of points, and your goal is to reach 100 points to be awarded CIM by the time of your graduation.

CIM Award Ceremony

The certificate award ceremony will take place during the annual graduation ceremony. Moreover, your CIM achievements will be noted in Ladok and will be part of the student's transcript of records. Exchange students staying at JU one semester will have a separate celebration event organized in cooperation with SUSHI.

What's in it for me?

- boost your CV and chances for work involving intercultural skills

- build international contacts, friends as well as professional networks

- develop intercultural skills as Intercultural awareness, Intercultural Communication and Building commitment

- improve the learning experience

- enhance the process of building a professional identity within the global context

- receive extra points for your study abroad application (*applicable for students with the intentions to study abroad)

CIM aims at fostering:

Intercultural skills involving the appreciation of culture and its meaning to the lives of people worldwide and intercultural communication across borders and with the use of various languages

International and global awareness emphasizing the understanding of differences and similarities between countries, and the ability to make international comparisons and develop new perspectives

Critical and reflective professional conduct built on the values of openness, diversity, and connectedness across the globe

Why did we choose to implement CIM?

JU has an international profile, and internationalisation is one of the pillars in the JU strategy. Our main goal with the implementation of CIM is to create the activity that can contribute to the development of students' intercultural competence and it includes ALL students at the School of Health and Welfare, both mobile and non-mobile. CIM is built on the idea of internationalization abroad and at home. The aim is to prepare the students to the challenges of living and working in a globally connected world and foster active, responsible, and engaged global citizenship.



To register for CIM send an email to with the following information:
your name & surname, study programme and the semester you are currently enrolled in.

CIM administrators will provide you with the access to Canvas and create your individual CIM e-portfolio. In Canvas you will find the introduction and all information needed to suceed with CIM.