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Financing and scholarships

There are no tuition fees at the partner university for students studying abroad through the exchange program. This is because of partnership agreements between the universities.

Fees and Costs

Tuition fees are waived in the agreements but students must cover non-tuition costs (administration fees, applications fees, deposits, etc.), travel expenses, insurance, cost for student permit or student visa and living expenses (accommodation, food, etc.). It is the students’ responsibility to buy airplane tickets, make visa arrangements, organize their accommodation, ensure they have adequate medical insurance and so on. Please note that the costs may vary depending on the country and university.

 CSN (Swedish Student Loan Agency)

The information about students' exchange semester is updated on Ladok and available for CSN (no CSN documents are required).

It is extremely important to apply for the whole year of study at the same time. This means that if you go abroad only one semester you must send in two applications to CSN, one for the study abroad and the regular one for your studies in Sweden.


A scholarship is a financial contribution which is given by foundations, associations, companies, banks and trade associations. These scholarships are generally tax-free, but can sometimes be counted as wages subject to conditions and may need to be taxed. Scholarships awarded for educational purposes, however, are usually free of tax. It is a good idea to check with the contact person in the International Relations office of the partner university if there are any appropriate scholarships available.

For studies within Europe you may apply for a scholarship within Erasmus+.

You can find more information about scholarships by visiting