JIBS Board of Advisors består av externa medlemmar som representerar både den akademiska världen och näringslivet. Styrelsen har till uppgift att ge perspektiv och råd till ledningsteamet genom att delta i en konstruktiv dialog och övervaka skolans kontinuerliga framsteg kring ambitioner och mål.

Ulrich Hommel

Chairman of the Board

Professor, EBS Business School.

Professor of Finance, holding the Chair of Corporate Finance and Higher Education Finance at EBS Business School. Senior advisor Professional Development Services, EFMD. Co-funder of XOLAS, consultancy firm focused on strategic development of business schools and universities.

Frida Boklund

Regional Manager at Företagarna

Företagarna is the Swedish Federation of Business Owners. It is the largest business organization in Sweden representing the interests of around 60,000 business owners. It is an independent, nonpartisan organization owned by its members. Företagarna has 18 regional offices and 250 local associations and meeting places in Sweden.

Petter Björkebäck

CEO and founder of Village

Former People and Culture leader at INTER IKEA Group

Experienced purpose-driven leader and HR professional. During his time at IKEA, Petter was responsible for leading the people, culture, and competence agenda for IKEA’s business area “Textiles, Social Entrepreneurship and Collections”, dedicated to driving business transformation by means of organizational, leadership, and team development. In 2023, he chose to move on and founded his own business, Village.

Lovisa Hamrin

Managing Director at Herenco Group.

The Herenco Group is a family owned holding company based in the Jönköping Region. The Group works within five areas and has a total of 61 companies and 1,624 employees. The Group’s yearly turnover is approx. 350 Million Euro. The areas within the Herenco Group are diverse: Media and News, Metal and Plastics manufacturing, Industrial Packaging, Real Estate as well as sustainable management of small and medium sized companies.

Friederike Welter

Professor, University of Siegen and Institut für Mittelstandsforschung

Head of the Institut für Mittelstandsforschung (IfM) in Bonn and professor of Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Siegen. Her focus is applied research on small business and entrepreneurship. Member of policy-related advisory boards for federal as well as state ministries and international bodies in Germany. President of the European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, 2007-2009. Member of Academia Europaea.