A student can turn to the Board of Appeals if he or she is dissatisfied with a decision that has been made in regards to admissions or examination.

Send appeals to:

Jönköping University -
Att: Hans Rudberg
Box 1026
551 11 Jönköping


The Board is the highest authority for appeals of disciplinary decisions made by the university's disciplinary committee as well as decisions that seem to be in conflict with the regulations in the Equal Treatment of Students at Universities Act.

Questions should be directed to the secretary.


Agneta Marell, President Jönköping University


Hans Rudberg, University General Counsel

Members of the Board

Judge of Appeal Henrik Jonsson, Judge of Appeal and leally quilified member (substitute: vacant)

Prosecutor Anders Brokelind (substitute: Jessica Andersson)

Lawyer Sophia Wenneryd (substitute: Susanne Malmström)

Representative from external HEI: Umeå University Jessica Eriksson (substitute: vacant)

Representantive from Student Union: Felicia Niclasdotter (substitute: Student Union Vice President)